Linoleum floor with epoxy paint

Linoleum floor with epoxy paintLinoleum made from natural ingredients that bio gradable that can be recycled such as wood cork, linseed and limestone. This material is used for flooring is environmentally friendly. This material also persisted into the tens of years and still be in bio gradable.

The use of linoleum in high traffic because this material is consistent, if scratched or scuffed the damage is not nearly visible and colors and patterns do not change. That is why this material into a suitable choice for households that have the small children or pets.
Linoleum choice for kitchen, garage floor because this material is also resistant to moisture and chemicals and also easy to clean.

You can use epoxy to coat the floor linoleum which has advantages for repair of damaged or increase your endurance floor.
You can scrub the linoleum floor with a damp cloth or regular jobs such as sweeping without using chemicals so your floors look great and look neat and clean.

If you intend to coat linoleum with epoxy is quite simple. The steps you should do make sure that your room has the good ventilation by opening doors and windows so the air circulation going well.
You clean the floor with a rough brush and then you can pour the wax into the bucket, melt wax according to the manufacturer's instructions.
You can pour the liquid wax to the floor using a mop linoleum and wait for some time, after which the residue with a vacuum to suck wet and allow to dry. Eliminate all linoleum the peeling and can be done with sand.
Collapse all sections that do not want your coat, then you can pour the epoxy resin into the bucket according to the size of your floor and stir in the catalyst.
You can paint your floor with a roller starts from areas farthest from the door.
Allow the epoxy to dry for six to eight hours before you use it. Then you clean up your work tools.

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