How to determine the thickness epoxy for your floor

Thus Keep in mind how to determine the thickness of the epoxy  for your floor because the price will determines the thickness that you will use. Epoxy service providers will also ask you when you would paint your floor with epoxy.
It all depends what kind of room you will use with epoxy paint wear. Selection of paint colors also make the epoxy used to make the floor more interesting.

The materials used epoxy resin reacted by Polymer a chemical that will stick firmly on the floor. However there are limitations epoxy thickness that should be used. Excess wear no connection epoxy grout as on the tiled floor.
Kind used as epoxy injection, curving epoxy, epoxy coating, epoxy mortar and many more types of epoxy that can be used.

If the room is for low traffic, you can use a thickness of 300-350 micron means the condition of the floor less traveled by people or pedestrians. such as panel room, a small room, factory production area less traveled.

For the 500 micron size used for residential homes, hospitals, halls, parking basement, garage, kitchen room, floor pedestrian area, laundry room and so on.

Many traversed pedestrian traffic and vehicles should use 1000 microns as on the factory floor, the pool floor, offices, production rooms, workshops, etc.

Size 2000 - 3000 microns are used for very dense traffic that normally passed heavy vehicles such as cars, trucks, forklifts both small size and weight.

you can easily determine the thickness of the epoxy you requested to adjust the condition of the floor to be passed by pedestrians and vehicles passing through the floor.
Usually people are looking for the lowest cost and then choose the thickness as thin as 300 microns when traversed high traffic, so that the epoxy chipped and must be repainted. Price epoxy is determined by the price of materials and painting services.

Selection of the right will give you a long endurance capabilities for epoxy flooring you use, so give your floor is always kept clean, beautiful and brilliant.
As you know the epoxy coating withstands dirt or oil on the floor with a layer above that is easy to clean and shiny back.

Epoxy painting services providers also usually provide a warranty after the painting has done You can instantly check when painting began working primarily with the thickness to be used.
Before painting the floor is usually really should be clean. No dirt at all including oil droplets on the floor.