Garage cleaning and treatment

Garage cleaning and treatmentIn the care of their cars, especially men often invest much time and love. Unfortunately, too often they forget that the garage, which is to protect the car from outside influences, requires the same attention. It is not that hard to keep a garage in excess - our instructions show significant measures for the maintenance and refurbishment of garages.

Garage walls fitted with impact protection

Let's go with the renovation of the garage walls. There is often due to carelessness in damage to the garage wall. To avoid such damage in future, you can install on the wall an impact protection.

Garage floor clean up

Dirt and constant driving - two factors that enforce the garage floor hard. And from little quirks are quickly large. It is therefore important to identify incipient damage and clean up the garage floor in time. See here how to perform the repair and rehabilitation of the garage floor problems themselves.

Garage repair: regulation of humidity in the garage

Due to the rain-soaked parking vehicles and fluctuating temperatures, collects a lot of moisture in the garage. But rarely have garages have a window to ventilate the interior, and it is the accumulation of moisture. Therefore, regulation of humidity in the garage is very useful. We show you how.

Garage repair: garage door insulation

Sudden changes in temperature of water condenses on the garage door, and the humidity in the garage is increased unnecessarily. This can lead to mildew odor and moisture damage. With an isolation of the metal gate, a first step in improving the indoor climate is done.

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