How to epoxy floor coating for your concrete floor

How to  epoxy floor coating for your concrete floorEpoxy floor coating is a two component-based floor paint, consisting of a resin and a hardener, which, after mixing on a concrete floor can be applied.

Through this floor coating in the desired color to apply (for example your garage floor or concrete industrial floor), it will get a clean look and your floor is also equipped with a long-term protection.

1. Preparation

Your concrete floor must be at least four weeks old, before our floor coatings it can handle. It is also important that our products are processed at a minimum temperature of 12 ยบ C. At a lower temperature, it is advisable to warm your room. Finally, it is advisable to get there before you start to ensure that the concrete floor clean and dry.

To perform successfully the work, the following tools:

* Floor Coating Primer
* Floor Coating
* Rectangular buckets
* Mixing sticks
* Paint Rollers
* Extension pole for paint rollers
* Anti-slip powder (optional)
* Leveling compound (optional)
* Floor squeegee (optional)

Consumption primer: 200 grams per square meter.
Consumption coating: 500 grams per square meter (for two layers).
Leveling compound Consumption: Depending on holes and / or cracks.

2. Repairing holes and cracks

Do you have holes or cracks in your floor? Then no problem. It is important that you first repair with leveling compound (also available in our shop). This has an additional build and smoothed out nicely.

You mix the hardener with the leveling compound and pour it gently with a small bucket and into the cracks or holes. If the resin erasure you cannot possibly update with a squeegee.
After applying the leveling compound you will need four to eight hours to dry. You can then individually leveled surface treated with primer (this is not necessary).

3. Pretreatment

When the floor is dirty and dry, you can start with the primer. The primer ensures that the absorbency of the concrete is reduced and you do not need unnecessary coating. In addition, the primer course for a good adhesion between the concrete and the coating.

It is recommended that a primer in too much time to process related to the temperature evolution of the resin. It is best to not more than one kg at a time. To add the hardener (2:1) to the primer and mixes the whole. Note, both the proportions and mixing are very important for the quality of your floor. This money also for the epoxy floor paint.

After the primer has created and mixed, take it with a roller and extension pole. Make sure you cover the entire surface treated. Let it all then a few hours to harden.

4. Coating

Before you start applying the coating, it is important that the primer has dried . How long this takes depends on the temperature of the room. At room temperature (22 degrees) for drying will take about four hours.

Make sure you have no more than 36 hours after applying the primer coating begins. The floor coating mix with the hardener (in the same proportions as in the primer).

With a roller extension pole and make the coating. You make sure you cover all good but not too thick. If the color is still not clear enough to emerge, then you do not have to worry about. You spend half was still to low.

5. Second layer

After the first layer attachment let it dry again. If you want a non-slip floor, you can add it to your second slip powder-coated. This is done during the mixing of the hardener. You add a kilo about 100 grams of non-slip floor paint powder and mix well with a spatula. This gives the floor a rough surface after curing.

This layer will also, even, and opaque (but not too thick) with a roller and extension pole.
After 18 hours (at room temperature), the hardened concrete paint well and used at light loads. After 36 hours it is fully cured and fully taxable. And so you have a tight floor again where you have years of fun!


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