Attention before start to coating garage floor

Attention before start to coating garage floorOn the floor in the garage is very high requirements, so care should be taken to a suitable floor finish of the garage floor. How it can happen in a workshop in the garage ready to liquids such as motor oil, gasoline or chemicals that come into contact with the floor and the ground is unsightly. Especially over the years, spots will show on the ground, which are almost impossible to remove.

But every garage owner has a different idea of what the garage will be used. While one of the prefabricated garage used merely as a shelter for the car, hobbyists make much greater demands. They use the garage as a workshop, to make repairs on your car or motorcycle. That there is not enough normal floor coating for concrete floors, one can imagine. It is important that there is a special garage floor paint is that provides protection against chemicals and is extremely resistant to scratches and the like.

Always remember that runs from your car down dirt and drops after rain on the garage floor. Similarly, moisture and humidity caused by the tires. If one were to use a standard wall or floor color to paint, would be expected that the lining would already detached quickly.

A very good but quite expensive alternative is the so-called epoxy flooring. Epoxy floor coating is applied directly on the floor and is extremely durable.

The color layers of the garage floor paint will be applied in several steps. After a drying period of seven days, the garage floor will be charged in full. When the epoxy floor coating is also spoken by a two-component paint, because the epoxy is mixed which ensures that the mixture hardens.

As with other two-component variants, eg with adhesive, the epoxy floor coating is very firm, and long-resistant. However, the processing instructions are previously carefully read and the mixing ratio can be adhered to. Is not the mixing ratio between epoxy and the hardener, it may happen that the mass is not binding and cannot therefore be used for a floor coating in the finished garage.

However, if all went well, the garage owner can appreciates a perfect floor covering. This is very easy to clean as it can be swept and wiped both. The concrete floor in the garage is protected by the epoxy coating and will not be attacked by chemicals or the like.
Since the ground surface is very smooth, it can happen that you slip easily on wet roads. To prevent this, the epoxy resin mixture before application of fine stones and sand are mixed. In this way, the garage floor is grippy and slippery.

Before the mixing and application of epoxy floor coating is begun, it is advisable to inquire in a builders' merchant for the exact steps before and read the application instructions carefully.

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