Car stoppers for garage

Car stoppers for garage needed to protect the walls of the garage and your car due to frequent garage wall hit by a car.
Generally, once the first wall of the garage will be visible when guests come to your home. For it to be clean garage that will adds a nice impression in your home.

Not rare event you car "kiss" the garage wall when the car is parked in the garage. It often happens that the bumper of your car is damaged as well as the garage wall too scuffed.
It is necessary to use car stoppers in the garage. Various types are available in the market today to protect the cars do not park too close to the wall of the garage and also serves to safety.
Materials used also varies. There is usually made of rubber, plastic or PVC.

On car use stoppers can be directly used in the garage and can be moved and can also be attached to the floor. The shape was circular and there is a flat.So we recommend one product f to you ParkingTarget

You can use one car stopper on the floor. If you can use two misses stopper on the floor of your car.
To better protect your car in the garage you can customize to your needs such as park retreat. Use protection on the back, sides or places that may impact on your car hit.
The use of car stoppers are also quite easy. Usually equipped adhesive that is easily attached to the wall or floor you.

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