Preparing for painting the garage floor

Garage floor should be clean, without impurities such as dust, oil and so forth. It is necessary to the preparation of the best garage floor. For cleaning the cement floor you can use less detergent to scrub the floor. While you can use to sweep the regular broom, dirt pretty hard when you can use a rigid scrubber. You have to look at the parts where the floor is cracked so you can fix it with concrete mix before you will paint with epoxy. You also must make sure your floors free from dirt after you clean it.
After that you also should test the moisture on your floor. You can do a simple test using a piece of plastic on the floor all the edges. If there is still moisture on the plastic so the moisture is still there on your floor.

Make sure before you paint your floor is completely dry after testing for 60 days and provide all the materials that will be needed in the paint your floor. You can etch the concrete floor with acid so that all the dirt will peel before painted. you can also sand the area on the floor if necessary for that. After that you can wash and dry your floor so it was really ready to be painted.
Prepare all the materials to paint with epoxy, such as rollers, brushes, trays and other materials.
You can choose your favorite colors like bright yellow, dark earth tones, gray, coal, magenta, light cyan, and so forth.

You should follow instructions from the manufacturer of epoxy materials and how to use it. To ensure your floor is really nice you can just create a second layer. Let dry for 72 hours before you use it.

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