Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is a very popular material to coat the floor. This material is made with polyester liquid through a special healing. Creation of epoxy resin through the chemical reaction between epichlorohydrin and bisphenol.
Epoxy resin has a special attraction as compared with other materials for the floor. Tiles can be broken easily, wood and marble quite expensive. By using epoxy resin you can coat the floor with ease and also cheap. This material into a business that was quite interesting because of use it also daily increasing.

Epoxy resins also have different uses. Epoxy resin material is also used for many fibers optic, and optoelectronic dentistry. This material is also used as a good insulator for electrical equipment such as transformers, generators and swithgear.
Epoxy resins are also used for the castings, making the laminate.
This material has a very strong bond and durable.
One disadvantage of the epoxy resin is exposed to ultraviolet light exposure will cause the resin will deteriorate.

The use of epoxy resin on the floor is epoxy resist water, chemicals, dust. This is in contrast with the carpet and the wood will sink in.. While using the marble will be more beautiful but more expensive.
The use of epoxy on the floor in a house that is best suited to your home garage.
Besides the house is also widely used epoxy on the floor of the building for factory, warehouse, home schools and also the hospital, especially for high traffic and heavy loads such as forklifts and frequently traveled heavy machinery.
Clean up spills on the floor that is easy to use epoxy. You can use less detergent or alcohol to clean it. Also vinegar can also be used as a solvent.

Using the epoxy on the surface is also quite easy. Areas that will be aimed at its use should be clean. You simply have to roll with epoxy resin designed for floor applications.
Before you use the epoxy resin should you paint the first area so that the results obtained are really good.
After the primer has dried me and then you roll the epoxy resin.
You may wait about 48 hours before you use it.

If you want to start a new style to your garage floor, now is the time you are using an epoxy resin if you have not used it.
Business use of epoxy flooring has grown rapidly. Many companies that specialize for use on the floor.
If you do the epoxy on the floor of your home make sure that the ventilation to avoid inhaling the smoke of the product. We recommend you wear glasses to protect eyes and wear gloves to protect skin. You also can use the services of a professional contractor who has long worked epoxy to the floor if you are interested in using epoxy on your floor.


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